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The Law is a Shadow.

I’ve been having a conversation online with a member of the Hebrew Roots Movement (HRM).  I have found some interesting parallels between their understanding and my own. However, their insistance upon the performance of the law as a requirement for pleasing … Continue reading

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A Flaming Sword (Gen 3:24)

Over the years in my experiences with the Pentecostal movement I have had the opportunity to witness a few teachings on “FIRE!” Most of them leave me doubting that the speaker truly understands what the Bible context of fire even … Continue reading

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If Christ Be in You (Rom 8:10)

This week I’ve been having a running conversation/fellowship with my brothers and sisters concerning the New Covenant promised us by Jesus Christ. Again there has been a heavy emphasis placed on the role of suffering on the part of believers … Continue reading

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And He Shall Lift You Up (Jas 4:10)

My little sister was visiting us last week so I took a little time away from writing to spend with her. During that time I was also contemplating our prayers to the Father, and my attitude about them. I often … Continue reading

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