Interests: Coaching and Playing Hockey, Astronomy/Star Gazing, Snow Machining/Being Outdoors, Gardening, Raising Chickens/Ducks, Amateur Carpentry, Blogging

Occupation: Highway Engineer

Fav. Movies: Last of the Mohicans, Gattica, Miracle, LOTR, Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, Star of Bethlehem

Fav. Books: Whose Right it Is,  Ender’s Game, Starship Troopers, My Utmost for His Highest, Creator and the Cosmos, Living Together, Objects in the Heavens

Colleges/Schools Attended: Central Michigan University, Prince William Sound Community College

State: Alaska

Church: Home fellowship

Ministry: Wife, Close friends, my hockey kids

Fav. Verse: Romans 8

Fav.Bible Version: KJV, NASB

Years as a Christian: 24

Origin of Life View: Old Earth Creation

End Times View: New Covenant Theology, Historicist, Premillenialist, Postribulation

Life View: New Covenant Theology/Third Feast

Fav. Hymn/ Worship Song: Be Thou My Vision

Personal Testimony:

I used to get horrible nightmares/visions as far back as I can remember (3 years old). My parents always told me it was my imagination. I had behavioral problems based on abuse and spiritual oppression, to the point of being assessed for special education. This was a dark time for me.

My parents joined a “plain” church (Old German Baptists) when I was in 1st grade and I started hearing about Jesus and demons. After hearing my dad’s testimony I realized that my visions weren’t my imagination, I was really being tormented by demons! I couldn’t sleep after that, my mom came into my room and tried to settle me down (I was about 7). She relayed the advice of others and told me that when I was afraid to call on the name of Jesus. I started doing that very thing every night when my nightmares came and they would stop immediately! No more nightmares! The church that my parents attended was strict and legalistic. It wasn’t long on grace, forgiveness or mercy. I was educated in the Bible, but I became convinced (based on life and education) that God was holding a huge magnifying glass over my head somewhere high up. I trusted Jesus as my Savior but not as the Lord of my life. When I met my wife (age 17) it was obvious that she knew that God loved her, she was shocked that I didn’t realize it. I couldn’t truly believe it for the longest time (recently) but I started believing it then. I started making Him Lord of my life. Slowly, because of my nature and His goodness, He has been sanctifying me and letting me know just how much He loves me and everyone else. I can see more and more how submission to Him is the only way.

Back in 1993 I was living in Kalamazoo attending a Brethren Church. During that time I was baptized in the Holy Spirit while trying to determine whether God wanted us to move to Alaska. Following the advice of a beloved brother in Christ (a member of the Old German Baptists) I was seeking a place of peace while asking God to do what would best serve Him. I was scanning the TV channels and bumped into a message by Benny Hinn (of all people) and he was discussing how if we ask God for more of Him He will answer us by giving us more of Him. I was faithful to ask and received the gift of tongues (for my prayer closet only) and a deeper communion with God. I received the strong conviction that I was indeed supposed to move to Alaska with my wife as Jesus tore away the layer of religion and selfishness that had grown in me. (more to follow)

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  1. Brother, thank you for your testimony. My reading it has brightened my day and strengthened my faith.

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