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A Reed Like Unto a Rod (Rev. 11:1)

Last time we looked at the rod, as an instrument of judgement, and instrument of correction, and instrument of comfort (to the obedient). In Revelation we see a “reed” like unto a rod: And there was given me a reed … Continue reading

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A Rod of Iron. (Psa 2:9)

I’ve been back at work for the past several weeks and have been meditating on this verse a lot over that time. It is really a loaded verse to me and I keep hitting these checks along the way in … Continue reading

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A Flaming Sword (Gen 3:24)

Over the years in my experiences with the Pentecostal movement I have had the opportunity to witness a few teachings on “FIRE!” Most of them leave me doubting that the speaker truly understands what the Bible context of fire even … Continue reading

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