Frank Peretti, “God’s Way or My Way”

Frank Peretti has a lot to say on the subject of vanity in this pair of lectures from the late 1980’s. I listened to them years ago and even though they are a bit dated in their subject matter they are still very descriptive of the slide from moral relativism and materialism to complete narcissism. He also brings a lot of humor to the subject of vanity.






The past 30 years have brought us more revelation into the sickness of vanity and of our self-absorbed culture. It’s only become worse as we have devised new ways to ignore God’s voice and His working in our lives.

Photo credit: Nathan Wert


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6 Responses to Frank Peretti, “God’s Way or My Way”

  1. Narcissism, vanity, “The Personal Jesus”, its off putting to the Christian with eyes to see it, its discouraging, it makes me feel unmotivated and lost. It makes me question my faith. I dont want to walk around like the small town Baptists I know who when asked how are you say “Oh Im just a sinner saved by grace”…..I CANNOT get excited by the level of moribundity.

    Nor can I catch the fever of faith from the weeping suburban woman who is telling everyone she was walked with and delivered by Jesus from her unhappy marriage.

    I can neither get swept into charismata. Holy Spirit worship, its a form of perverse idolatry taking a legitimate portion of Gods goodness, but choosing that for some tingly experience, and getting lathered up weekly at 11 on Saturdays and Wednesdays at 6:30.

    Im not whining of denominationalism, I dont even care about that. Ive been through reflexive disdain for this and that, even following my herd of those who dont like Catholics. Thankfully I have managed to see through all that.

    But now what. To see through all this, is that not vain to claim? Are we being vain even writing stuff about all the stuff we talk about, as if we know something and others dont get it?

    Where does this leave us?

    • The big difference between us and Solomon is that while he was merely wise (within himself) we have been made partakers of Jesus Christ. He gave us the Cross to do away with that Adamic nature and we can escape it unlike poor old Solomon. Jesus was and is something “new” under the sun. There is a hope in the vanity, that hope is God’s, that hope is that more sons would come forth and choose life and resurrection.

      It can feel hopeless because that old nature doesn’t want to die. But God is gracious towards those who diligently seek Him.

      I think (in my vain opinion) some of the things that pass for Holy Spirit are in fact not (Todd Bentley for one). However, I also think it is a very dangerous thing to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, the Bible distinctly warns against that. We should be sensitive to Him and remember WHY exactly He was sent to us as a “comforter”:

      • For sure, blasphemy of the spirit I am aware of and following the nudging of the spirit is a daily focus, struggle one can say. In the heat of moments, we (I) take over 100%.
        For example, I threatened to resign from my job this week over something, that was all me. Impetuousness comes to easy for me

      • I know for me that getting a glimpse of God almost sends me running back to that pool. I want to start fixing me up. The problem is that I’m focused on me again and not Him. We’re His workmanship not our own (Eph 2:8-10). I haven’t figured this one out for myself either, it’s a daily slog.

  2. Im getting more confused, not less, the more I know of God, and the more i see of the world.

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